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Welcome to our Website!

Greetings in the matchless name of Jesus Christ our Lord

We extend unto you a warm welcome and ask that you go over every page with a fine tooth comb, understanding in these days, one has to be extra careful about the company they keep and what they allow into the gates of their being (soul). You will find that TWH is unique in this world, for we are not of this world but in it to do the will of He who called us, chose us, anointed us and equipped us to do His will on Earth as it is in Heaven.

It is vital that you experience God's Truth for yourself and to feel His Love moving through your very being, cleansing and purifying you from all the iniquity that has built up in you since taking residence in this world. We want you to know the Love of God and feel His presence because you are so precious to Him and to us as well. Your life has significance and God has a noetic purpose for you. 

Leave a Prayer Request if you like or come visit us at one of our services throughout the week and experience Him for yourself. We would be honored to share some time with you because, we are here for you and await you with open hearts.

If you live in the Baltimore or the surrounding areas, we'd love for you to come join us at "The Way of Holiness House of Prayer" for Worship or Bible Study. 

Louis M Shufford Sr (Pastor)

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The Way Of Holiness Church Of Jesus Christ Inc. - 5016 The Alameda, Baltimore, MD 21239-3428  Office: 443-571-2550

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